Quick Start

Using Argonaut with SBT

Depending on argonaut with sbt, stable:

"io.argonaut" %% "argonaut" % "6.2.2" 

Depending on argonaut with sbt, latest:

"io.argonaut" %% "argonaut" % "6.2.2" changing()  

What your code will look like?

To get a feel for the power of argonaut. We present the following example that leverages the parser, codecs and zipper to process.


The remainder of the documentation will build up from the basics to give you a complete understanding of the API.

A Starting Example

As JSON tends to be at the boundary of most services the common case is to process some values from JSON, do some computation with said values and then produce more JSON for a response.

This example works directly with the json, skipping the convenience of using codecs and the zipper: